Forward Your Mail
  • There is a $5.00 service charge, plus postage each time we forward your mail to you.
  • Anything weighing 13 ounces – and under 4 pounds (0.4 kg – 1.82 kg) mailed through the United States Postal Service will incur a $10 service charge.
  • Anything weighing over 4 pounds and less than 10 pounds (1.82 kg – 4.55 kg) a service charge will incur of $15.
  • Packages weighing over 10 pounds (4.55 kg) will incur a $15 service charge + packaging/boxing.

This is due to the amount of extra time needed to go to the post office and the filling out of the paperwork required by the Post Office to mail an item over 1 pound.

Our FedEx Ground rates, due to our volume, are generally lower than the Post Office’s EMS Service.

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