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How long have you been around?

The Mail Service Center has been in continuous operation since 1986.

Who uses your postal mail forwarding services?

Everyone! We have customers who are using our services for many possible reasons, such as the need for an international presence or just simply to remain anonymous. Our service enables you to protect your real identity and location when you do not wish certain individuals, companies, organizations or others to know where you really are.

Do you open my mail?

No, we never open your mail or letters unless you specifically request us to do so. We simply insert your mail into another envelope and forward it directly to you.

I need to open a bank account and the bank won't accept a PO Box. Can I open a bank account using your address?

We have never had a problem with a customer not being able to open a bank account using our address. Your address with us is a street address, not a PO Box.

Do you accept delivery of packages and parcels?

Yes, we can accept all couriers and deliveries all around the world. Packages and parcels of all sizes and weights will be accepted for delivery at your private mail box address. We can sign for registered items and also accept hand deliveries to your box

How is mail forwarded to me?

We will collect mail for your private mail address and then forward it to you directly by postal airmail. Our service is unique as mail can be received under your business or personal name.

What items cannot be mailed to me via your service?

The postal service has the following items prohibited: illegal, explosive, destructive items, guns and weapons, drugs, and live material. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Items containing drug making material, drugs and pharmaceuticals will be detected and detained by customs. They will not arrive and your account will be cancelled. We do not support illegal activities.

What happens if mail does not arrive?

 Like all standard postal services, we cannot guarantee delivery. Please be aware however that the United States Postal Service is extremely reliable and it is highly unlikely that mail will ever go missing from our PO Box!

What will my mailing address become?

Here is an example of what your address will look like:

David Johnson
Johnson Films LTD
8721 Santa Monica Boulevard, #100
Los Angeles, CA 90069-4507 USA

How often do you forward mail worldwide?

Weekly, monthly, or we can hold mail securely for any period. If more than one item of mail is addressed to you, all mail will be forwarded in one envelope. We forward most customers mail each Friday.

How much does it cost for mail to be forwarded to?

The handling cost to forward mail to you is $5.00 per package. This does not include the cost of postage.